Un-limit Your Potential

Un-limit Your Potential

When Kaplan North America, the leader in online education, came to RP3 to promote their Purdue University Global brand, the pandemic was beginning to recede, and workers were seeking better job opportunities. For those who had lost their job, it was about getting back into the workforce, and for those with jobs, it was about finding an option better suited for their life post-COVID.

We researched the target audience and discovered they had aspirations beyond their circumstances and aimed to maximize or “un-limit” their potential. They had an internal desire to take the next step and a practical need to achieve a specific career goal. This insight formed the basis of our communications strategy and guided our plan to increase awareness of Purdue University and drive inquiry. We needed to get people to trust Purdue University to provide an untraditional path that would pay off and maximize their potential. We developed a video-based campaign to build brand equity while delivering lower funnel conversion through targeted video assets across social media platforms.

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