Any Way You Bank
Atlantic Union Bank

Any Way You Bank

Atlantic Union Bank (AUB) sought a creative partner to help them stand out in a crowded industry and market. Our team quickly identified a powerful strategic differentiator to drive a creative and relatable campaign: Atlantic Union Bank, powered by the radical empathy of people who care combined with modern technology, provides easier banking solutions. That promise effectively positions them as a credible and innovative partner for personal and business banking.

Our approach highlights everyday activities that we all do differently, using these as metaphors to illustrate how a shared and basic human “need” (e.g., banking) can look different for everyone. From the way we wake up in the morning to our travel habits to how we socialize, we all have unique needs, preferences, dreams, and challenges. We tapped into the relatability of this human truth to show how Atlantic Union Bank’s caring bankers are there when people need them and provide tools and solutions that not only meet their clients’ banking needs but also fit into their clients’ distinctive processes.

With savvy strategic planning, clever messaging, compelling design, and a focus on seamless, tech-enabled service, Atlantic Union Bank is set to disrupt industry norms and challenge big banks with their people-first mentality.

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