Building a brand that gives parents confidence for Children's National Health System.

Framing the Challenge:

Children’s National is widely recognized for their unparalleled expertise and ability to handle the most complex cases. But this reputation wasn’t strong enough to overcome inconveniences like their urban location and difficulty getting appointments with certain specialists. Or to dispel the belief held by many area parents that other, more convenient hospitals were “good enough.”

We needed to reframe Children’s National’s expertise in a more relevant way in order to close the conviction gap and get more parents to choose Children’s, even for routine care.

Uncovering Insights:

Research with parents showed that it wasn’t enough just to claim expertise by showcasing certain specialists or awards they have won. We needed to demonstrate a culture of behaviors and beliefs to prove Children’s has the right expertise throughout the organization. From this research, a few key brand pillars emerged — passion for prevention and early intervention, challenging and advancing how care is delivered, and finding solutions that are easier on kids and families. These became the rational support parents need to evaluate when making important health care decisions.

Building Opportunity:

The emotional reasons for choosing Children’s came from our campaign idea – “Grow Up Stronger.” By avoiding being too cute or too gut-wrenching, it gave us a lens to show we can help kids become both physically and emotionally strong. It gave parents the confidence that no matter what happens, “we got this.” Because in the end, we all want the same thing: to see our kids grow up to be their happiest, healthiest, most awesome selves.

We launched an extensive integrated advertising and social campaign across the Washington, DC region. TV, print and radio built awareness while digital, search and social drove inquiries to landing pages for specific service lines, including Cardiology, Neurology and others.

An internal adoption phase preceded paid media in order to generate excitement among staff, advocates and partners, which was crucial to ensure everyone across the system delivered on the new brand promise in their day-to-day jobs.

In year two of the campaign, we introduced real patients and their stories, culled from the past 70 years. They represent a living, breathing version of what it truly means to Grow Up Stronger. Extended interviews with patients allowed for a deeper level of storytelling in social media.

Tracking Success:

According to the latest tracking study, we’ve achieved an 18% increase in Brand Conviction since launch.