Soar Higher

Soar Higher

No longer circumscribed to the DC market, EagleBank was now ranking as a regional bank and needed to level up its marketing efforts. We workshopped with stakeholders, researched EagleBank’s new target market, and discovered that the original brand positioning wouldn’t keep them competitive. We found that customers sought a banking partner who could meet or exceed their need for speed.

With that in mind, RP3 updated the EagleBank brand identity with an integrated B2C advertising and search campaign. Our creative and design teams brought energy to the brand with a brighter color palette and a new key message: Seizing Opportunities. While staying aligned with the brand name, they captured the essence of this strategic direction with a new tagline: Soar Higher.

The new approach differentiated EagleBank from the dated design identities of its competitors with striking digital advertising, bold headlines, and modern art direction.

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