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Guiding Stars

Follow the Stars

The Guiding Stars program helps Ahold grocery shoppers choose nutritious foods for their families. With an easy-read star rating system, shoppers can quickly identify foods and beverages with the most nutritional values throughout their stores.

The Guiding Stars:
1 Star = Good | 2 Stars = Better | 3 Stars = Best

We knew that something as unique, simple, and time-saving as the Guiding Stars program would garner quick adoption, but first, people needed to know it existed. To increase awareness, we developed the custom Family Fave Instagram sweepstakes to bring shoppers into the conversation and make them a part of our mission. By sharing a favorite family recipe, participants entered to win up to $1,000.

The promotion achieved a 27% increase in Guiding Stars Instagram followers and added 833 new members to their e-newsletter subscription list. The overall engagement rate for the sweepstakes was 32.5%, with a high of 55% for the third post in the series, showing exponential momentum over the first two weeks of the campaign.