Follow the Stars
Guiding Stars

Follow the Stars

In the years since Guiding Stars launched their nutritional star rating system in stores, there's been a minimal spike in brand awareness and even less in consumer behavior change. Which means it’s time to start digging. 

We found the tension out of an insight any shopper could relate to – between the plethora of options and contradictory nutritional packaging, many shoppers walk the grocery aisles with more questions than answers.

And thus, a big idea was born: Don’t overthink it. Just follow the Stars. This simple, tension-relieving statement captures the value of shopping by the stars.  

With a strategic media buy in place, we got the right creative in front of the right person on the right platform. Results were off the charts (stratospheric, of course). 

We saw 31.2M radio impressions, a 96.7% VTR (view-through-rate) with our OTT spots, which helped take our multichannel reach from 0 to 60 in less than 3 months. 

Let's make some good.

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