RPeople: New Hires

RPeople: New Hires

By: Beth Johnson

From the early days of RP3 to now, we’ve always believed that the only way to create positive RP3 growth was through our people. We’re excited to welcome three new talented additions to our ever-growing team as the agency continues to expand its creative, account leadership, and new business offerings to its growing client base.

Alix Bortnick (Head of Business Development) is smart, kind and 100% unflappable under pressure. Within her title are many roles: strategic lead, overnight expert and project manager. Which means, at any given moment, Alix is driving growth, cultivating talent, facilitating collaboration, nurturing client relationships and distilling creative vision – usually all at the same time. With a history of leading winning pitches and a knack for increasing social footprints Alix has become a master at the art of branding. In her spare time, Alix loves a good round of golf with friends or could be found cheffing up a Michelin-Star-Quality meal for her family, 

Amy Joseph (Account Director) has over 17 years of agency experience working on prominent healthcare, environmental and veterans accounts within the nonprofit space. However, Amy is not only passionate about “doing good” professionally, she also applies her charitable abilities to her own community. While being an avid travel-enthusiast and a huge sports fan, #RaiderNation, Amy is most often seen reading quietly in the corner or out observing people, places, and things. 

Sarah Reed (Designer) is a graphic designer who has been in the workforce since way back in 2019. At the ripe age of 11, Sarah was already honing her craft by designing friends' Myspace profiles. One of the benefits of being a designer, that Sarah loves most, is the breadth of output that comes from working on so many different brands and categories. In her free time Sarah is usually trying out some new recipe, reading the night away or making handmade books. She also spends quality time training her pup, along with her boyfriend. Sorry, we meant to say, “alongside her boyfriend.” He’s already trained. 

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Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to starting RP3 agency, Beth led the growth of Rosenthal Partners from a three-person creative boutique into one of the region’s largest, most successful agencies. She believes brilliant creative comes from brilliant strategy, and works tirelessly to build a culture of curiosity at RP3 that values talented people, fosters great ideas and achieves solid business results.

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