Stand Together

For Washington Area Women's Foundation.

Framing the Challenge:

As the conversation about poverty and economic vulnerability of women and girls gained momentum in the news and in our culture, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation realized it needed a new website to supply journalists, activists and policy makers with the latest research, statistics and success stories. The site must mobilize the community to stand together and to serve as a powerful platform to revolutionize how change is created online.

Uncovering Insights:

We realized the new site could unleash the economic power and potential of women in the Washington, DC region by amplifying the impact of every voice.

Building Opportunity:

We designed the site to tell powerful stories that provoke thought and spark dialog. Content was created to provide opportunities to give, learn, listen and take action.

The mobile-first, responsive design puts the people The Foundation helps front and center, using authentic, emotionally charged photography and storytelling. We developed the site using the latest WordPress features and plugins to support it, including integration of the JSON API with Backbone.js to create a more fluid, immersive experience.

Tracking Success:

Within a month of the site launch, unique visits were up 175% and page views were up 250%, showing a massive increase in engagement for The Foundation.