The Lifetime Relationship Warranty

For DARCARS Automotive Group.

Framing the Challenge:

While DARCARS is one of the largest automotive groups in the DC area, with brands ranging from Kia to Lexus, the competition in this market is fierce with little differentiation, especially among the coveted Gen Y and Millennial audiences.

Uncovering Insights:

Most tier three dealer advertising is price-based, with sales and incentives as the main tactic for generating traffic. But today’s Gen Y and Millennial purchasers aren’t motivated by category claims and deep discounts. They’re driven by experiences and individualized service.

Building Opportunity:

Faced with these challenging conditions, we recommended a completely new approach to the car buying experience and worked to align the values of today’s consumers with the product and services DARCARS offered.

We reframed the conversation and empathized with consumers considering how best to spend their dollars. An automotive purchase can be daunting and complicated, so we developed the “Lifetime Relationship Warranty”. It was a commitment, beyond the car warranty that you receive, to do business differently. To put the customer first, never going for the hard sell, and making sure that they are treated fairly and with respect.

The “Lifetime Relationship Warranty” was promoted in television, print, radio and digital advertising. But most importantly, it was brought to life in store. Every sales person was asked to sign the warranty and in doing so made a commitment to a lifetime of customer service.

Tracking Success:

DARCARS sales were up 17% in 2013, almost 10% more than the national average.