RP3 Agency Renovates Long & Foster Website.

Long & Foster Real Estate, a veteran client of RP3, approached the creative agency about a corporate website redesign in order to better serve their customers, their agents and, ultimately, their business.

In order to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced real estate market, Long & Foster understood that isolated components of a website, such as user experience (UX), user interface (UI), responsive design and updated copy would not sufficiently communicate the Long & Foster story. Meeting and exceeding the needs of current and future consumers of the No. 1 privately owned residential real estate brokerage in the United States would require a complete, thorough approach to creating a brand presence that delivers a superior home search experience.

“By enlisting some of the brightest and best in their industries to support our website redesign, our site now delivers on the expectations of today’s home buyers, sellers and real estate agents,” said Barry Redler, Chief Marketing Officer for The Long & Foster Companies, parent company of Long & Foster Real Estate.

The all-new LongandFoster.com launched in May of 2016. A true testament to RP3’s cross-departmental integration, the agency combined expertise in UX, visual design, strategy, brand development, copywriting, responsive web design, accessibility and front-end development capabilities. These synthesized efforts have not only led to effective website design and functionality, but the successful storytelling of the Long & Foster brand, history and personality.

Within the first ten weeks of the website launch, 1.9 million online sessions had been conducted on LongandFoster.com by 1.2 million users. Unique website visitors in the month of July more than doubled from 2015’s numbers, with a 115% increase in unique user website traffic.

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, sell, refinance or connect with one of Long & Foster’s real estate professionals, RP3’s comprehensive design strategy and user-friendly execution make LongandFoster.com the new one-stop shop for your all your real estate needs.