Top honors at AMA’s M Awards

Three of our clients (MASN, Stanley Martin Homes and Washington Improv Theater) just heard news that any agency would love to be telling their clients:

“You just won top honors at the AMA’s M Awards.”

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Kristi Kelly and Horace Holmes
The AMA (American Marketing Association) is not a celebration of creativity for creativity’s sake, either. Entries are judged by marketing pros. Winning is based on effectiveness and strategic thinking. You have to demonstrate smart thinking, great execution, and market-beating results in order to win.
AMA M Awards

You see, while RP3 is an advertising agency – it’s not the kind you normally think of. We develop insightful strategies that produce unconventional ideas, which translate to real business results. And we’ll put skin in the game tied to your business objectives to prove our commitment. On top of that, our structure is lean and efficient so that we can deliver results faster than other firms.

AMA M Awards Reception

Lofty claims? Ask our clients directly. They will tell you how we quickly surpassed previous results by 3%, 5%, or in some cases 20% and more. Just imagine going back to the CEO armed with that news.

We’re scalable for large, national campaigns and lean enough for small, one-time projects. Clients tend to love us, because we listen, we pay attention to details, and we work well together – as partners on the marketing team.

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