Another Great Night at the ADDYs.

A study of history vs. progress, the 41st annual ADDY awards celebrated truncated communication in the digital era surrounded by the classical setting of Carnegie Institute of Science.  Rosenthal Partners took home 14 ADDY Awards – and was recognized by the DC Ad Club as a top awardee, once again proving that a fiercely independent agency can hold up against national contenders. (Note-Dan Rosenthal has since retired and Rosenthal Partners has closed its doors. But the core of that award-winning team is now part of RP3.)

We won:

4 Silvers for MASN Fantasy Camp  TV and Radio
5 Golds for Washington Improv Theater’s “Seasonal Disorder” Posters
2 Silvers and 2 Golds for Stanley Martin Homes “Details” campaign, including a Gold in the all-important Integrated Mixed Media Campaign, which included print, collateral and interactive element
1 silver for the Second Genesis Annual report.

Arnold had the most with 41. But when you consider they’re 4 times bigger, we actually blew them away pound for pound. (How’s that for advertising trash talk?)

And as you can see from the video, it’s always more fun when you win. See you next year!

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