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Kurt Roberts is Chief Creative Technologist at RP3 Agency. He loves experimenting with new technologies and techniques and is always open to finding newer, better ways to engage people.

Trying to Measure With Your Hands Tied?

If you’re a marketer in a hospital or health system, we feel your pain. You’re likely stuck with outdated systems… Continue Reading

How to Win an Effie Next Year.

Last week, I had the honor of judging the final round of the North American Effie Awards for the third… Continue Reading

Building a new website, Part 2: The Technology Selection

In our last post, we outlined why we believe you should approach building a new website differently – by designing… Continue Reading

Building a new website? Don’t put the technology cart in front of your idea horse.

Most RFPs we receive for new website projects start with an ask for a recommendation on what WCM (Web Content… Continue Reading

The Mopocalypse, One Year Later.

About a year ago, we first warned of Google’s impending update to their algorithm, in which they started giving higher search… Continue Reading

Bridging the CMO/CTO Divide.

According to the recent CMO Digital Benchmark Study by Leapfrog Marketing Institute, over 60% of marketers and their IT counterparts say they don’t see eye to eye on incentives and metrics. With pressure rising on both parties to deliver ROI while offering a seamless customer experience, here are some ways to start bridging the gap.
Continue Reading

One More Reason Your Brand Should Be a Maker.

Every year we use RPTree to push the limits of what we can do with technology. But it also serves another, more important purpose: bringing our team together. Continue Reading

Questions Your Web Partner Should Be Asking You.

I recently had a call with a newly hired digital director. He had some challenges to face based on the… Continue Reading

Virtual Reality: A Very Real Opportunity for Marketers.

It’s already here. Once relegated to geeky sci-fi fantasy, or worse yet Second Life, Virtual Reality is becoming a reality… Continue Reading

What iOS9 Content Blocking Means for Marketers, Part 2.

Last week, we discussed how iOS 9’s new content-blocking extensions affect marketers when buying ads online. These extensions, however, can… Continue Reading

What iOS9 Content Blocking Means for Marketers, Part 1.

Apple’s recent release of content-blocking extensions for iOS Safari has industry pundits up in arms, pontificating about the social contract… Continue Reading

Five Things You Need to Know About Life After the Mopocalypse.

If you think you weathered the Mopocalypse fairly well, here are five reasons you might want to think again. 1. It… Continue Reading

Four Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be a Maker.

Our Creative Technology recently took a field trip to the National Maker Faire here in Washington, D.C. Here’s a bit of what we learned. Continue Reading


I’ve been working on an installation that involves an 80″ Sharp Aquos TV. The TV isn’t particularly accessible to manipulate,… Continue Reading

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: SXSWi 2015.

Sketchnoting 101 Speaker: Kate Hayward, Sticky Knowledge This workshop covered the basics of sketchnoting; the act of purposeful drawing while… Continue Reading

Wise Words: Salient Thoughts from SXSWi 2015.

Practitioners, thought leaders, and innovators in our industry flood SXSW every year with an overwhelming amount of content on a… Continue Reading

Your Fingerprints Are All Over It.

A couple days ago I attended an excellent session entitled “Fingerprints Are Usernames, Not Passwords.” Dustin Kirkland from Canonical (the… Continue Reading

UX Meets Reality.

Augmented Reality in Music: Hackable Instruments I have to admit it – I went to this session thinking I was… Continue Reading

Where Does Great Design Come From?

We all can tell great design when we see it, but how do we get there? The answer’s a little more simple than you might expect: you practice, as a team. Continue Reading

One more thing…

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Apple for a long time, but this latest product announcement was one of… Continue Reading

The Facebookization of Twitter.

Oh Twitter. What happened? You’ve seemed so lost for so long… Why is someone who doesn’t get @twitter running @twitter? — Kurt Roberts… Continue Reading

Thanks for your order, would you like Netflix with that?

Is your business willing to pay-to-play? For the next two months, the public can voice their opinion on the FCC’s… Continue Reading

You’re Doing It Wrong.

The Internet has changed the way we work and share ideas. It’s a giant, messy work-in-progress, created by lots of… Continue Reading

Eh, I Saw These Domain Names Before They Were Famous.

Recently, we got an email from the domain registration service Hover touting the fact that new hipster domains are available.… Continue Reading


Hopefully by now you’ve heard about Heartbleed, formally known as CVE-2014-0160. If you haven’t, Heartbleed is a vulnerablility in OpenSSL that was discovered last… Continue Reading

The Things You Don’t Own Own You.

I got an email last week letting me know that Ness was being shut down. What is Ness, you may… Continue Reading

To the Better End.

With better and better CMS systems, prototyping platforms and faster development tools, our teams are exploring a new way of… Continue Reading

Your Web Presence Isn’t Going to Optimize Itself.

1. Tell stories, don’t “post content”. Stories, whether they unfold through lengthy exposition or tweet-length brevity – such as Hemingway’s… Continue Reading

Your Padded iCell.

I watched Apple’s recent announcement of iOS 7 with a certain amount of nausea. Initially, this looked like the one… Continue Reading

(Still) Keeping it in the Family.

It’s not unusual for small (and even somewhat larger) traditional and integrated agencies to use consumer-grade hosting solutions or outsource… Continue Reading

Let’s Bring Home Some Apps.

Facebook Home  while quite possibly the least groundbreaking announcement yet from your parent’s social network, does bring up an interesting contrarian… Continue Reading

If Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, What do iPhones Dream About?

The Manti Te’o story yielded something valuable – for me, anyway. As the whole ugly thing unfolded, I realized a… Continue Reading

Toddlers are Swiping TVs.

Toddlers are swiping TVs, and there is a ton of fingerprint evidence. Continue Reading

Art and Science of Best Practices.

Following best practices is a good thing. It keeps you out of trouble when are learning something new. It helps you work with others with minimal confusion and pain. We need best practices to work together. Continue Reading

ThunderBolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening.

I’m used to being annoyed by Apple’s decisions, like releasing Lion (The Worst Operating System Ever Not Designed) at all,… Continue Reading

Coconut Headphones.

I want to let you in on a little secret – it’s really easy to build a website. Kids learn… Continue Reading

Keeping it in the Family.

I was recently asked why we work with outside video production companies but avoid outside digital production companies. Continue Reading

What a Load.

Back in August, RP3 President Beth Johnson blogged that a strong brand consists of innumerable elements beyond a logo and… Continue Reading

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