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Jeb Emami is a Marketing Strategist at RP3 Agency with an affinity for building commercial relationships that help organizations realize and capitalize on their product and service differentiators.

What Health Care Marketers Can Learn by Looking at Other Industries.

At the Hospital Marketing National Conference in Atlanta earlier this month, ReviveHealth EVP Chris Bevolo spoke about how the health… Continue Reading

3 “Hot” Topics from Hospital Marketing National 2017

Last week I had the benefit of attending the 4th Annual Hospital Marketing National (HMN) Conference in Atlanta. The 3-day… Continue Reading

Selecting the Right Programmatic Partner in a Crowded Space

You’re familiar with programmatic advertising and are ready to take the next step toward selecting the right partner to help… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why In-House Marketing Isn’t So Refreshing After All.

One day. That’s how long it took for Pepsi to pull their “Jump In” ad spot last week amidst mass… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Improve Your Tier 2 Automotive Marketing Campaign

Here are five ways to ensure that automotive Tier 2 dollars are working harder to get in front of potential buyers while they are completing their research. Continue Reading

Three Must-Dos in Marketing Luxury

Today we’re stepping into the world of luxury consumers to understand their code of conduct and what they value. Continue Reading

Three Things Marketers Should Know About Accessibility.

There are more ways than ever to provide everyone access to the wealth of information the internet has to offer. Here are some trends you should you consider about accessibility in 2016. Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool.

For marketers, it’s the oldest trick in the book: Listening. Find out what people are saying about your brand and… Continue Reading

4 Ways Marketers Should Act Like Improv Comedy Troupes.

In the improv comedy world, one of the first things you’re told to do is to go out drinking with… Continue Reading

Bridging the CMO/CTO Divide.

According to the recent CMO Digital Benchmark Study by Leapfrog Marketing Institute, over 60% of marketers and their IT counterparts say they don’t see eye to eye on incentives and metrics. With pressure rising on both parties to deliver ROI while offering a seamless customer experience, here are some ways to start bridging the gap.
Continue Reading

Keys to Monetizing Your Organizational Values

Outdoor retailer REI made big news last week with their counter-consumer-culture campaign directed at the infamous Black Friday shopping “holiday.” Don’t… Continue Reading

What Brands Can Learn From Candidates’ Social Media Personas (Dems edition.)

To follow up our previous post regarding GOP social media personas, and in the interest of equal time, let’s now… Continue Reading

What Brands Can Learn From Candidates’ Social Media Personas (GOP edition)

Call me crazy—but a few elections from now, it’s quite possible for Presidential campaigns to be fueled almost entirely by… Continue Reading

Four Ways Overstressed Marketers Can Relax.

To the surprise of literally no one in the marketing industry, a recent online poll found 80% of marketing professionals claiming… Continue Reading

We’d Like to Take This Opportunity to Reintroduce Ourselves.

The first thing people usually ask once you tell them you run an agency is what kind of agency are… Continue Reading

Five Ways Volunteering Can Build Your Business.

This year RP3 decided to make Karma Day a group effort, volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank in DC. Aside from the feel-good, team-building aspect of the experience, getting on Karma’s good side is actually a smart business decision. Here’s why. Continue Reading

Goodbye Tiger, Hello Jordan?

Jordan Spieth has all the makings of a brand built to last, even if he never matches Tiger Woods’ records on the golf course. Continue Reading

RP3’s Responsive Design Primer.

By now you’ve heard the warnings: “Mopocalypse” is upon us. Google’s most significant shift in its search algorithm in years is just around the corner. But the question remains: What can I do about it? Continue Reading

Scale Fail.

I’m a skier. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with skiing. And while I’m as happy as anyone that this harsh winter is finally fading into a beautiful spring, I’ve got one more ski weekend planned. After all, I consider the sport to be the season’s one redeeming quality, and will take advantage of it until the very end. Continue Reading

From the Agency to The Zoo: A Talk with Google’s Scott Lange.

SXSWi 2015: I had a chance to catch up with Scott Lange, the Midwest Creative Lead at Google’s The Zoo.… Continue Reading

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: SXSWi 2015.

Sketchnoting 101 Speaker: Kate Hayward, Sticky Knowledge This workshop covered the basics of sketchnoting; the act of purposeful drawing while… Continue Reading

Top Trends of SXSWi 2015.

Every year at SXSWi, creators from all over the world showcase their products and innovations. This allows for trends to emerge that… Continue Reading

Wise Words: Salient Thoughts from SXSWi 2015.

Practitioners, thought leaders, and innovators in our industry flood SXSW every year with an overwhelming amount of content on a… Continue Reading

Son of the Congo.

“The dream is free.” —Serge Ibaka A simple phrase. But when you hear the 25-year-old NBA player say the words, especially in the context of… Continue Reading

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places.

This was my first trip to SXSW, and like a lot of first-timers, I found it a bit overwhelming. I… Continue Reading

To Kill a Brand.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a large, multi-faceted American corporation with a distinctive brand that everyone knows. This brand… Continue Reading

Washington Area Women’s Foundation.

RP3 Agency is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Washington Area Women’s Foundation website. Our goals for this… Continue Reading

Super Bowl XLIX Ads Left Me Feeling, er, Deflated.

We all know it was a bad year for the NFL PR-wise, from domestic abuse, to catches that weren’t catches,… Continue Reading

Discover: Snapchat News

Snapchat announced a new feature today that will make it more competitive with social platforms—namely Facebook—as it offers users an… Continue Reading

A Completely Safe, Secure and Ad-free Facebook?

Facebook tests new platform exclusively for businesses to connect internally Facebook recently announced that fewer than one dozen partners will… Continue Reading

Stay Curious, My Friends.

I recently came across a fascinating article by Ian Leslie, “Google makes us all dumber: The neuroscience of search engines,”… Continue Reading

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Between beach weeks, summer Fridays and more than a few “client” golf outings, we actually managed to get a lot… Continue Reading

Buyer Be Where?

In Search of the Sale I just bought a car. Not just any car, my dream car. Admittedly, my dream car is… Continue Reading

SSL Everywhere?

Of all the reasons for using encryption on your website, should SEO be one of them? SSL, short for “secure sockets… Continue Reading

When Words Speak Louder Than Images.

As social media platforms become increasingly more visual, brands are shifting their focus on providing high quality images—often at the… Continue Reading

Why Your Current Followers Are Your Tim Howard Game.

Your current followers are your strongest sales people, your brand advocates, your marketing geniuses, and your free advertising. They are… Continue Reading

Neale Martin.

Fortified by Subway sandwiches and assorted beers, I really felt that my night couldn’t get much better. The thought of… Continue Reading

Prepackaging the “World’s Game.”

I witnessed something amazing today. My colleague, Omar, hailing from Puerto Rico, and I were talking through the World Cup… Continue Reading

We’ve got the Beat(s). Telling the Story of Brazil 2014 Through Content.

As a 15-year-old, in 1990, I had to suffer through TV commercials during the run of play while watching the World… Continue Reading

It’s About Community.

Developers are an odd lot. We derive great humor from what others see as only incoherent strings of meaningless characters. We… Continue Reading

Introducing: The Physical World. Again.

We live in a hyper-connected world. Many would argue it’s too connected. How many “over-sharers” do you know who document… Continue Reading

To Those Left Behind.

MARKETING AT THE SPEED OF CULTURE It’s safe to say we all agree the world is increasingly complex, connected and… Continue Reading

Why Snapchat Wins.

As a social media manager, I stay well-versed on today’s popular online communication channels and engagement tactics. As the list… Continue Reading

Advertising is Just a Greens Fee.

I recently attended the 4A’s Transformation Conference in Los Angeles. Last year it was held in New Orleans and it… Continue Reading

Friends Don’t Sue Friends—and Brands Are Our Friends, Right?

A recent change in the General Mills privacy policy brings fine print to the headlines Have you seen the grey… Continue Reading

David Letterman, Creative Director.

In the wake of David Letterman’s recent retirement announcement, and the slightly more recent announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace… Continue Reading

If You Read This, Will You Share It? And If You Share It, Will You Read It?

MYTHS ABOUT GOING VIRAL AND WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE SOMETHING SHAREABLE. It can happen all at once—in mere seconds,… Continue Reading

Weathering the Storm(s).

At first, I’ll admit, having snow days was kind of exciting. Living for over a decade in Los Angeles, I… Continue Reading

And the Oscar Goes to… Twitter and the Smart Brands Who Get How to Use It.

I love the Oscars. The dresses, glamour, red carpet, heartfelt acceptance speeches and the unanticipated blunder that’s sure to happen… Continue Reading

Walking the Fine Line.

Whoever first said “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” was obviously talking about… Continue Reading

The Role of Marketing in Business Decisions.

Since the advent of social media, the role of marketing and its impact on a brand’s business has grown tremendously.… Continue Reading

Be Careful What You Wish For.

As an outspoken critic of most Super Bowl advertising, I’ve often wished marketers and agencies would grow up when it… Continue Reading

CES 2014: What To Do With All of These Cool Toys?

CES wrapped up late last week. Now what? The Creative Tech team at RP3 has been watching from afar as… Continue Reading

A Matter of Trust.

Apple, in all their presumptuousness, has now pushed iOS 7.0.3 to both my iPhone and my iPad. I have not… Continue Reading

Separating Politics from Programming in the Federal Healthcare Marketplace Fiasco.

As published in the Washington Business Journal on October 25, 2013. How bad was the launch of the federal health… Continue Reading

Prank Me Twice, Shame on You.

By now you’ve all probably seen the latest, greatest example of “prank-vertising”, LG’s Job Interview Meteor Prank, in which supposedly unsuspecting… Continue Reading

Keeping the Fire Alive in Client Relationships.

A strong client/agency relationship can be, well, a bit of work. It is similar to any personal relationship; you get… Continue Reading

A Modest Argument In Support of Small Data.

As featured in MediaPost’s MAD Commentary on 8/29/2013. Big Data. Right now, those are probably the two biggest words in… Continue Reading

What I Learned About Management While Directing Traffic.

As featured in SmartBrief on 8/23/13. Last night we attended a Washington Nationals baseball game. 40,000 people in the stadium,… Continue Reading

Own Your Data.

To the annoyance of my colleagues, friends, family, and long-lost classmates, I’m not a big participant on Facebook, Twitter, or… Continue Reading

Expectations for Success.

Wikipedia defines expectation as what is considered most likely to happen in the case of uncertainty. In short, it’s a… Continue Reading

Small is the New Big.

Last week I attended the Ad Age Small Agency Conference and Awards in beautiful Portland, Oregon. It was a special… Continue Reading

The ROI of ROI.

We live in a digital age. An age of data. Of trackability. Measurability. We can tell, down to the second,… Continue Reading

I See Fake Dead People.

A couple weeks ago, Vice, an online international arts and culture magazine, brought to the interwebs an ad campaign in… Continue Reading

Where Are They Now?

I recently read in Ad Age that AMC’s advertising reality series The Pitch will be back for season 2, despite mediocre… Continue Reading

The Art of the Proposal.

Crafting a client proposal is a bit of an art. It is the account person’s way of flexing their creative… Continue Reading

The Stories We’ll Wear.

“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way,… Continue Reading

Dear Miles Nadal – According to You, I’m Dead.

As featured in Business Insider on 5/25/13 Two weeks ago, I was at the ANA Financial Management Conference in Phoenix.… Continue Reading

Does My Inbox Look Fat?

The RP3 account leadership folks, much like many of you I suspect, receive tons of emails every single day. And… Continue Reading

Small Business Social Media: Worthless or Worthwhile?

How successful is social media marketing for your brand? If you’re like many marketers today, you may have some difficulty… Continue Reading

(Less Than) Integrated Marketing.

I recently attended the American Marketing Association’s Integrated Marketing Conference in San Francisco. As conferences go, I’d give this one about a B. Decent content, decent speaker, better-than-average networking with peers. (This is a recurring theme for RP3-attended conferences; see Tiffany Bacon’s recent post on the subject here.) Continue Reading

Signing Off.

My alarm rings at 6:00 am on Thursday morning; I silence it, and immediately sign onto Facebook. Greatttttttt it looks… Continue Reading

You Can Fake Ads, but You Can’t Fake Talent.

By now we’ve all heard about the scandal surrounding the offensive scam ads done by JWT India for the Ford… Continue Reading

4A’s Transformation Conference.

Hurricanes, Trojan Vibrations, Big Data, inventions, talking geckos and gnomes, and a few marching bands all helped set the stage… Continue Reading

Going Mobile.

“Mobile has arrived!” For years, we’ve been hearing “this is the year.” And for years, it wasn’t. Continue Reading

Down(er)ton Abbey.

Spoiler alert! Do not read if you want to watch Downton Abbey. Continue Reading

Who Gives a Hooters?

Hooters, America’s first chain of “breastaurants” (yes, I shook my head, too) is in a serious slump. With five straight… Continue Reading

The Thief and the Liar.

As creative people, we’re in the business of ideas. It’s our capital. It’s what we trade on. We’re hired to… Continue Reading

Asking the Right Questions.

Meeting a prospective client can be tricky business. You want to not only communicate, but also demonstrate your agency’s capabilities,… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Ad Review 2013.

THE BIG TEASE. If you believed all those teasers leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, something big was coming… Continue Reading

Will Millennials Like Facebook’s Graph Search?

Since Facebook made the big announcement several weeks ago about its much-hyped Graph Search, we’ve been weighing its potential impact,… Continue Reading


Lance Armstrong was a powerful brand built on his invincible spirit and determination not to be beaten by other cyclists… Continue Reading

Let’s Get Social.

“We need a Social Media campaign.”

“Our social media program is not effective.”

“Does your agency handle social media?” Continue Reading

The Steve Jobs Lament.

It’s an adage we’ve all heard time and again. “Clients get the work they deserve.” Typically, it’s quickly followed with what I call The Steve Jobs Lament. “See? If we had a client like that we could do great work.” The Steve Jobs Lament is the Steve Jobs Lament for a simple reason. There was only one Steve Jobs. And if you want to go there, be careful what you wish for. By all accounts, dealing with a perfectionist like Mr. Jobs was never easy. Are there other great clients out there? Sure. Are there absolutely awful clients? Of course. Most of them are afraid of their own judgments, unwilling to trust their own guts and determined to fall back on endless rules about things like logo size and name repetition. Great advertising typically requires some degree of risk-taking. Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions for Brands.

If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a fresh start in 2013. While I’m grateful we made it through the apocalypse unscathed, 2012 was a year of branding I’d rather forget. It was the year of the big YAWN. Sadly, what I remember most was the drumbeat of attack ads during the election. With few exceptions, brands couldn’t get a word in edgewise. But now, we’re looking ahead, ready to use our talents to inspire consumer confidence despite the looming dive over the fiscal cliff. Let’s make some New Year’s resolutions that will strengthen your brand and your business for 2013. Continue Reading

The Complexity of Simplicity (Part 2 of 2).

Last week, I discussed ten principles of simplicity. Today, I’d like to talk about the best ways to achieve it. Continue Reading

The Complexity of Simplicity (Part 1 of 2).

Every project I have worked on in my 17-year career has one thing in common. At some point someone said,… Continue Reading

A Woman Who Means Business Gives Thanks.

Last week, I was honored among the 2012 class of Women Who Mean Business ( in the Washington DC area. This annual event, hosted by the Washington Business Journal and Capital One, recognizes the achievements of the region’s “most influential business women.” I was incredibly thrilled to have been selected to join this group of amazing women – and proud to represent RP3 with this award. Continue Reading

Perfection Requires Passion.

I was in a meeting the other day with several of my colleagues, whom I respect tremendously and whose opinions I truly value. Problem was, in this particular instance, our opinions differed. We were discussing a timely, creative and out-of-the box idea for one of our clients. The room was aligned on the fact that this was truly an outstanding opportunity that we, the agency, had proactively developed in the course of always thinking about ways to support them. Yet each of us saw the execution just a bit differently. Continue Reading

Art and Science of Best Practices.

Following best practices is a good thing. It keeps you out of trouble when are learning something new. It helps you work with others with minimal confusion and pain. We need best practices to work together. Continue Reading

All Politics are Local.

A recent story by Ned Martel in The Washington Post asked whether the current political campaign ads could benefit from what he characterized as a “Mad Men Touch.” It certainly touched on a sore spot for all of us who work at mainstream advertising agencies in the Washington area. Friends often ask, “Do you do political advertising?” And the answer is always a resounding and heartfelt “no.” Sure, some mainstream ad folks will take a leave of absence to work on a campaign they’re particularly passionate about. That was the case with my former boss, David Angelo of David&Goliath in Los Angeles, when he worked on the Clinton campaign. But generally speaking, political advertising is an entirely different animal from what we do every day. Continue Reading

Sustainable Sustainability.

At the Association of National Advertisers conference last week, sustainability took center stage in programming and discussions. As the topic has (finally) worked its way to the forefront of the global conversation, it seems everyone and his mother is glomming onto it for dear life. Continue Reading

Embracing the Mobile World.

As you read this, I have no idea where you are. You could be on the train, reading this on… Continue Reading

My Mother Warned Me About This.

I need to say a word about our “hook up” culture. Did it start with the casual relationships fostered by… Continue Reading

NFL: Your Bad Marketing Abuses Fans.

As published in MediaPost’s MarketingDaily. NFL, heads up. Your fans are ready for some better football. The Monday Night debacle… Continue Reading

Conversations from the Conventions.

Our intrepid Vice President of Media Strategy, Jacqui Hannigan, recently returned from both the Republican and Democratic Conventions, where she… Continue Reading

If You Build It, They Will Laugh.

John:  Hey, can I borrow your pen? Jane:  Ew, no, you’ll mangle its pretty shape and design with your gargantuan,… Continue Reading

2012 Games Offer Olympic-Sized Lessons.

Appeared in the Washington Business Journal on August 17, 2012 Trying to follow the Olympics practically became its own sport… Continue Reading

Generation XYZ.

Every Monday in our agency-wide meeting, our latest crop of Gen-Y interns make a presentation of some sort to the… Continue Reading

Don’t Call Me a Joiner.

Chances are better than ever that this statement accurately describes how you see yourself: “I am just NOT a joiner.”… Continue Reading

Welcome to New York, May We Take Your Order?

Recently, the New York Times reported that it would soon be open season for advertisers on the City’s iconic, beloved… Continue Reading

Did Apple just become Microsoft?

Apple has always been known among creative folks as a brand that made our lives easier. When your brand is… Continue Reading

Forget Austin, Miami, Madison Avenue. DC is America’s Next Great Ad Town.

Washington, DC is known for many things. Great museums, divisive politics and really bad humidity come immediately to mind. Great… Continue Reading

Natural Disaster Has a Remarkable Way of Focusing the Mind.

We advertising folks consider ourselves to be cerebral and sophisticated. Primarily urbanites, we take pride in our carefully honed skill… Continue Reading

The First Three Years.

As I was posting a few photos from my daughter’s 6th grade dance this past weekend, I felt a sense… Continue Reading

It Takes Two to Tango.

Expectations are everything. Set them appropriately in the beginning of any relationship/campaign and everyone wins. Objectives must be defined and… Continue Reading

Word? Word.

Sporting 1,728 pages and hundreds of new words and phrases, the twelfth edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is… Continue Reading

Everything In Its Own Place.

I may not be as dependent a shopper as the Mean Girls (“You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your… Continue Reading

Young Guns.

At RP3, we recently welcomed what we’re calling our “summer intern army”—a force of eight student interns who marched into… Continue Reading

You Complete Me.

You know that moment when you meet someone really special? You immediately connect and instantly know that this relationship is… Continue Reading

Pinteresting Beach Reading.

This summer on the beach, instead of my typical stock of mindless vacation reading of assorted magazines and trashy novels,… Continue Reading

Marketing at the Speed of Culture.

Last week, the entire population of the Washington, DC area watched with wonder as the beloved but recently much beleaguered… Continue Reading

Are We the Real Bullies?

That was the question I asked myself after a screening of the documentary “Bully” here at the agency. Our client… Continue Reading

86’ing UX, Part Two of Two.

Last month, I wrote the first part of this two part series, “86’ing UX.” The post generated some great discussions… Continue Reading

The Billion Dollar Brand.

At 1:32 this past Monday the news alert hit my iPhone. Facebook had bought Instagram for $1 Billion. Seriously? Was… Continue Reading

Weinstein Won’t Be Bullied.

In our blogs, we often spend a lot of time sharing ideas, pontificating about how marketing is evolving and pointing… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong is Wrong : A Millennial Perspective.

In just weeks, Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign has generated remarkable reach and impact through a single viral video. With… Continue Reading

86’ing UX, Part One of Two.

It’s time to ditch the word “user“, from the user experience profession. It’s self-limiting to the industry and to the… Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of Paid, Earned & Owned Media.

As consumers, we are influenced subconsciously at various moments throughout the day. Picking up our favorite magazine, getting online at… Continue Reading

When Projects Have Purpose.

It’s happening. We’ve all seen it. The prized “agency of record” relationship is becoming an endangered species. Project work is… Continue Reading

Deep Thoughts from Jury Duty.

A resident of Washington, DC, every two years I receive in my mailbox that dreaded notification from the district government.… Continue Reading

Who Wants Her Brain Stormed, Anyway?

In a recent New Yorker article, Groupthink: The science of the team effort, Jonah Lehrer debunks the belief that advertising agencies have… Continue Reading

Where the Boys Are (and the Girls Aren’t).

Super Bowl XLVI was the most-watched TV telecast of all time. Neilsen estimates 111.3 MM people tuned in for the game of the season, to ultimately watch the Giants take down the Patriots. Continue Reading

To Mr. Negotiator, With Love.

For the past 14 years – hard to believe – William Shatner has been rescuing hapless travelers from over-spending as’s Mr. Negotiator. Shatner’s trademark over-the-top, kitschy-cool, 007-wanna-be delivery helped the fledgling dot-com establish and differentiate itself when travel sites were sprouting like kudzu. You could even make the argument that Mr. Negotiator (the brainchild of Butler, Shine & Stern in San Francisco) spawned an entire sub-genre of spokesmen-on-a-mission, including Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Continue Reading

Super Bowl Spoiler Alert.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw an AdAge article announcing that Steve Hayden, legendary copywriter and co-creator of… Continue Reading

I am Woman, Hear me Buy.

Women account for more than 80% of all consumer purchases, including everything from food to automobiles. This is not new… Continue Reading

Don’t Count Your Millennials.

The purchasing power of Millennials is continuing to grow. We’ve seen it affect all manner of products in all manner… Continue Reading

RP3’s Top Five of 2011.

Happy New Year!  I always enjoy this time of year as it provides an opportunity to look forward and back. … Continue Reading

Love Your Creative Brief.

A few weeks back, the account management team here at RP3 sat down with the creative services team. While client… Continue Reading

Our Favorite, and Least Favorite, Holiday Ads.

According to sales figures and Black Friday injury reports, 2011 has been a banner year for most retailers. But when it comes to holiday ad campaigns, which brands stood out enough to make our nice list? Continue Reading

If Content is King, Engagement is the Emperor.

To hear some of my industry colleagues tell it, about the only thing that matters in marketing these days is content. Content marketing has taken center stage as the most prized tool for attracting and engaging with target audiences; in the business-to-business space, it’s sometimes the only tool. Continue Reading

New Rules of Retail.

Americans have lost their minds. Either that, or we have become immune to the doom and gloom reports of the Euro breakup, roller coaster stock market and unemployment woes. Despite these realities, somehow consumers managed to spend generously – well, beyond generously — on Black Friday and then broke records with nearly $6 billion in sales during Cyber Week. Continue Reading

Black Eye Friday.

The news headlines today are constantly alerting us to escalating tensions in some part of the globe. Whether it’s a Middle Eastern government having its legitimacy challenged via competing forces, conflicts erupting from the Occupy Wall Street movement or incidents at some of the youth protests in Western Europe, it seems whenever a massive number of people come together in a large common space with a purpose – be it idealistic or sinister in nature – unfortunate events ensue. Continue Reading

Brand USA Is, Like, Awesome.

When the Netflix debacle was blowing up, I got to thinking about how a company sees its brand versus how the rest of the world sees it. Must be akin to the first time you hear a recording of your own voice and wonder, “Is that really what I sound like?” To a great extent, an entity’s culture is like an individual’s consciousness in that it’s nearly impossible to step outside of it for objective examination. Continue Reading

Social Studies.

I recently attended a 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) seminar featuring Michael Gass as the speaker, a man known… Continue Reading

New Ecosystem, New Opportunities.

I recently read a white paper distributed by the American Marketing Association called, “Brand-Building in the Complex New Ecosystem of… Continue Reading

Cross-Cultural Thinking.

In the past few decades, brands have invested millions of dollars targeting “multicultural,” or multi-racial, audiences. Countless agencies exclusively target black and Hispanic audiences, deeming their experiences so dramatically different than the mainstream consumer to necessitate a different communications strategy. Marketers strategically silo diverse consumers to show that we “get you” and we “appreciate” your cultural background. Continue Reading

You say Apocalypse, I say ADpocalypse.

Every creative’s been there before. You come up with a great idea. It feels original. It works in every medium. It’s got huge social media potential. The client loves it. You start bringing it to life, and then, out of nowhere, someone else does it first. Continue Reading

Doing Good is Good Business.

My mom always told me “You’re only as good as the company you keep.” While she was trying to deter me from hanging out with the fast girls in high school, the message sticks with me today at work. The companies and brands we represent are being judged by more than financial performance. They are being judged by their social performance as well – and, of course, by the organizations with which they align themselves. Continue Reading

Train of Thought.

In a million-channel media world where the medium is the message and vice versa, successful brands find new ways to… Continue Reading

The Art of Innovation.

A study was released recently by the CMO Council on the state of marketing today, with some pretty telling figures. According to a survey they conducted, 56% of marketers intend to make some sort of agency change this year – over half! That’s scary news for us agency folk. Or good news, perhaps, depending on how you look at it. Continue Reading

Confessions of a Deal Junkie.

I, Carrie Coker, am a daily deal addict.

20 yoga sessions for $20?! I despise yoga…but this deal is UNREAL. Click.

60% off a Medieval Madness fair?? Woah…I’d totally drive 2 hours to this. Click.

$65 for a Haunted Pumpkin Adventure? Dang – that’s awesome. Click. Continue Reading

A NetFlix by Any Other Name…

“I messed up,” begins CEO and Co-founder Reed Hastings’ open letter to Netflix customers, posted on the company website September… Continue Reading

Branding: America’s Game.

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The trees are changing color. Big, comfortable sweaters are being pulled out from the closet. The air is blowing a cooler breeze. And, most importantly, football has returned. Yes indeed. Week 1 of the regular season has come and gone, and the excitement continues to build. What will be the division upsets? Who will be traded? What new talent will arise? And why are some football brands so much stronger than others? Continue Reading

Does This Car Make My Wallet Look Fat?

Car buying isn’t what it used to be. I say this as a forty-something man who has been haggling with car dealers (or at least watching my father haggle with car dealers) since I was old enough to want to drive. Car buying is different today because the decision is much less about the car itself than it is about the economy, and the financial implications that accompany its current status. Continue Reading

Come On, Irene.

Last weekend, the entire eastern seaboard braced itself for what was widely anticipated as the worst storm to hit the… Continue Reading

Talking ’Bout My Generation.

We answer to it all: Millennials, Echo Boomers, Gen Next, Generation Y, or even my personal favorite, Generation Harry Potter. Continue Reading

The Debt Crisis, our Floundering Economy and the Kardashians.

While preparing to go on vacation last week, I went through my pre-get away rituals; one of my favorites is… Continue Reading

The Evolution to “Adaptive” Marketing.

I recently described my job to someone as “dynamic.” They were surprised by my response, likely thinking I’d use such… Continue Reading

A Brand is More than a Logo.

Having spent much of my career working with clients to align their brand strategy with their business strategy, I felt… Continue Reading

AMC’s “The Pitch” Falls Flat.

According to recent Ad Age article, the success of “Mad Men” on AMC has inspired the network to make its first foray into reality TV with advertising competition show “The Pitch.” But the show, announced in April, has yet to sign a contract with a participating agency. In fact, they’ve been turned down by dozens of New York’s biggest agencies. Continue Reading

All I Really Need to Know About “Life” I Learned from Keith Richards.

In between reading the requisite marketing manuals – you know, the ones I carry around to make myself look smarter… Continue Reading

Coffee Talk.

The staff at RP3 likes our coffee, but we have struggled with our high-end Cuisinart combination Grind & Brew™ 12-Cup… Continue Reading

Shop be Nimble, Shop be Quick.

Recently, Unilever made headlines by selecting little-known Roth Partners – a small brand consulting and communications firm helmed by a former Ogilvy & Mather exec – over its suite of larger roster shops to launch a new concept in the US. The client cited three key factors in making the decision: Roth offered a comprehensive, “channel-agnostic” approach (like the big guys); they had the right, senior-level talent on the team (like the big guys); and they could move faster than current Unilever shops or holding companies (like the…oh, wait.) At the end of the day, Unilever knew the larger shops could deliver, but questioned whether they could do so with the same expediency that a team like Roth Partners could provide. Continue Reading

The Agency of Today and Tomorrow.

As a Principal at RP3, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of technology and how it… Continue Reading

Metrics and Accountability.

I just finished reading Advertising Metrics and ROI:  A Guide to Improving Agency Accountability and Effectiveness by Don L. Dickinson. … Continue Reading

Build a Magnetic Brand to Guard Your Reputation.

Investing in your brand is more important than investing in an insurance policy to protect your company’s reputation. While I’m sure that’s a debatable statement if you ask risk managers, I would argue that brand value is a critical factor in protecting reputation when things go wrong. Continue Reading

RP3 Agency Shines at Effies.

RP3 Agency was recently honored with a silver Effie Award at the 43rd Annual North American Effie Awards in New York, for its work with Washington Area Women’s Foundation. The Effie Awards were initiated in 1968 to acknowledge effectiveness in marketing communications, and have become the preeminent symbol of success in the industry, celebrating creative thinking and ideas that work. Continue Reading

The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like.

Last night I attended the Effie Awards ceremony in New York, and much to the surprise of no one, Old… Continue Reading

Advice to Ad School Grads: Think Small.

Graduation season is upon us, and that means a slew of aspiring writers, designers, creative technologists, planners and brand managers… Continue Reading

Re-launch the blog. DONE.

Almost two years ago, we set out to redefine our agency.  We officially launched RP3, focused on the mission of… Continue Reading

Our Take on CreateTech.

At RP3 Agency, we put creative innovation at the forefront of all of our thinking. That’s why we were excited… Continue Reading

An Evening with Jared Spool, CEO of User Interface Engineering.

RP3 Agency leans towards the principles behind Genius Design with a strong emphasis on user experience and informed decision-making. It’s this design recipe that has enabled us to conceptualize and deliver innovations in the interactive space. Continue Reading

The Great Addy Judge Search.

Everyone in advertising loves award shows. We love to win. And we love to complain when we don’t. The most… Continue Reading

Notes from the Transformation Roundtable.

Earlier this week, I attended the 4A’s Agency Transformation Roundtable in Philadelphia that brought together some of the most progressive… Continue Reading

The Making of Our New Norfolk Southern Spot.

Take an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the making of our new TV campaign for Norfolk Southern, which hits… Continue Reading

Do Digital Agencies Have It All Wrong?

In a recent Marketing Daily commentary, RP3 Agency’s Chief Marketing Officer John Heenan shares his thoughts on how the next generation of agencies can’t rely on digital alone. To be successful, they must straddle the digital divide by bringing together the best marketing practices of the past with the most promising techniques of today. Continue Reading

Social or Traditional? Why Either Or?

In a recent column appearing in Capitol Communicator, RP3 Agency’s Chief Marketing Officer John Heenan shares his insights on the need to integrate the best of new and traditional marketing techniques to drive the best possible results. Continue Reading

Calling all Idea Architects and Engineers.

RP3 Creative Director Jim Lansbury recently wrote an Adweek column on the future of the creative team. Gone are the… Continue Reading

Gimme Just A Little More Time.

The following article by our very own Scott Gold recently appeared in MediaPost’s Marketing Daily. If you have a few spare minutes, it’s definitely worth the time. Continue Reading

Smart Marketing Almost Won Me $1 Million

Over the water cooler, a co-worker mentioned an interesting competition that she had heard about.  The award: one million dollars.… Continue Reading

Have You Seen the Best Work You May Never See?

Shoot Online, the leading source of advertising production news and reviews, recently featured our “Be That Woman” video for the Washington Area Women’s Foundation in it’s “Best Work You May Never See” section. Continue Reading

RP3 Sparks Women’s Movement.

Getting results for any client is satisfying. But when the client is in the business of changing lives, getting results… Continue Reading

Consumers Aren’t Standing Still. Are you?

Long ago in a galaxy far away, our targets would gather in front of the tube, sit attentively and wait for our message. Today, they aren’t waiting, rather multi-tasking online, on the phone, with friends, researching, discussing, and comparing thoughts before proceeding to the check out. Their world is a harried blur of motion from wake-up to wind-down, seven days a week, all while under fire from more than 3,000+ advertising messages a day. Continue Reading

From Tiger Woods 99 to Tiger Woods 365.

I recently came across this Ad Age article about how far video game marketing has come in the last 10… Continue Reading

Selling Upscale in a Downscale Market.

Worst real estate market since the Great Depression–check. Extreme buyer hesitation–check. Growing credit and financing challenges–check. Competition dropping prices up… Continue Reading

Tweens Have $40 Billion to Spend on Your Brand.

We are working through the challenges of promoting a brand that has appeal to moms and children, and wrestling with… Continue Reading

Good Things Happen to Good People.

I was reading a recent AdAge article about an agency that created its own line of designer T-shirts to encourage… Continue Reading

RP3 Finds New Ways to Connect with Seniors.

For the past 15 years, members of the RP3 team have been on the forefront of marketing to seniors.  SearStone,… Continue Reading

They Are Women. Hear Them Roar.

I was in a meeting the other day for one of our newest clients, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. They… Continue Reading

RP3 Leads New Wave of Start-Up Agencies.

According to an article in today’s Wall St. Journal there’s a wave of start-up agencies opening their doors right now… Continue Reading

The Good Side of the Recession.

Great things have risen from the ashes of a recession. As painful as it is, necessity seems true to her… Continue Reading

Aerial Ads Need Contact Planning.

I’m one of those people who can’t get work out of my head, even at the beach. So after a… Continue Reading

Enter the New Marketing Subcategory: “Social Media”

I was inspired by a recent article in Ad Age, “Agencies Should Be Defined by What They Know, Not What… Continue Reading

Top honors at AMA’s M Awards

Three of our clients (MASN, Stanley Martin Homes and Washington Improv Theater) just heard news that any agency would love… Continue Reading

Measuring Results in a Down Economy

In a declining market, promotional efforts like job loss protection ease the decline, soften the fall, and predispose the consumer to appreciate the brand even if they are not of a mind to buy today. Continue Reading

15 Addy Categories for Collateral, WTF!?

We are just back from the annual DC Addys. And did quite well, thank you very much. Overall, we took… Continue Reading

Another Great Night at the ADDYs.

A study of history vs. progress, the 41st annual ADDY awards celebrated truncated communication in the digital era surrounded by… Continue Reading

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