Tweens Have $40 Billion to Spend on Your Brand.

Image removed.We are working through the challenges of promoting a brand that has appeal to moms and children, and wrestling with the purchase dynamic to see how best to activate the right behavior. I enjoyed this eye-opening Today Show piece on msnbc about Tween brand power. Martin Lindstrom, Buyology reveals that 50% of Tween brand preferences are formed through tv; commercials, cartoons, product placement, and amplified through peer pressure. 67% insist on wearing the right labels in school (remember, that’s grades 3 – 6) so they won’t be teased.

We know from past experience activating Tween cellphone users, selling tickets to the circus, introducing a Tween beverage, and even encouraging Tween accounts at the bank, that the behavior dynamic is complex and challenging. Made even more so by the myriad of marketers aiming for the same segment. Case in point; before the interview with Lindstrom on msnbc a Target spot runs in rotation illustrating the mom - child dynamic of back to school shopping.

Brand attraction and loyalty in Tweens goes much farther than Abercrombie and Disney. According to Lindstrom, 60% of new car purchases are decided by kids at home. Other studies suggest an even greater influence over vacations, entertainment, even new home purchases and neighborhood selection. What?!?!

Image removed.While the adult often plunks down the money, the power of Tweens cannot be underestimated. And, the pressure amongst teens increases as they become more brand-savvy. Almost one third of Tweens report being teased or harassed in school for the labels, or lack of, they wear. Some marketers pay an “allowance” to the coolest of Tweens so they will go about their day promoting a certain brand within their social circles. Is it any  wonder this is a hot segment considering the influence Tweens have on the family pocketbook, estimated at $40 billion dollars in spending power.

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