They Are Women. Hear Them Roar.

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I was in a meeting the other day for one of our newest clients, the Washington Area Women's Foundation. They believe in a holistic approach that targets food security, health care, job training & security, access to child care, and transportation for girls and women in the area. Their premise: If you invest in a girl or a woman in your own community, you're investing in the whole community.

I was stricken by how this women (and some guys who "get it", as they would say), from different backgrounds, with different areas of expertise, came together in such a spirit of community. The camaraderie, common purpose, shared goals. A spirit of community that is sometimes lost in the daily grind - easy to overlook in the crush of deadlines or the frantic need to cross 20 things off a list in 12 minutes.

12 minutes*. That's about the amount of time it took RP3 to open its doors. And for those of you who have started your own businesses, it's not even close to being enough time. But yet, in that psychotically short period of time, a community was born. And this community, not unlike our friends at the Women's Foundation, is an independent group of people - women and guys who get it - if you will, who are real people fighting to make a difference. That's not to say that women are the key to success - but there is something to be said about the bridges that can be built.

I've seen the networks expand, and I've seen the gauntlet thrown by RP3's own president, who happens to be a woman. As a woman, a minority woman, who has often come up upon the rigid threat of the glass ceiling, it is amazingly refreshing to be here, right now, at this juncture in time. At that conference room table. In this efficient microcosm of a company. It's a challenge I'm willing to take.

  • slight exaggeration, for illustrative purposes only