One More Reason Your Brand Should Be a Maker.

As the year has wrapped up and our latest holiday effort, a virtual reality game called  RPTree: Rise of the Yeti, has been well received by clients, friends and the press alike, I’ve thought a lot about a post we published this summer, Four Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be a Maker. I have one more to add:

Making brings your team together.

Learning something new forges new connections within your team. (Just think about your friendships that have lasted since school.) The maker movement stresses that making is learning: You learn the most by doing, and you should try new things whenever you can to expand your knowledge.

Since virtual reality is a new and emerging field, there were lots of things to figure out as we made RPTree, from what kinds of stories can best be told through VR to how to introduce people to a technology they might not have seen yet. We were also in largely uncharted territory technically, as most VR experiences use expensive dedicated hardware—even less expensive Google Cardboard experiences use native apps—and we had set out with the goal of using the browser to deliver the experience more efficiently.

It took everyone working together to overcome these hurdles. No one could have foreseen every detail of the final product from the beginning; it took trust and teamwork to create something that was effective and engaging. RPTree has always been more than just another Christmas card. Now in its 4th year, we’ve always used it to test ideas, learn new technologies, and bring out each individual team member’s strengths to make a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’re looking forward to building more things together in 2016. Happy New Year!