The Good Side of the Recession.

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Great things have risen from the ashes of a recession. As painful as it is, necessity seems true to her calling as the mother of invention. Case in point, HP was inauspiciously born in a Palo Alto garage at the end of the Great Depression. Burger King, during the Eisenhower recession, introduced the infamous Whopper. LexisNexis launched during Nixon’s recession, as did FedEx and Microsoft. CNN and MTV started in Carter’s recession-plagued 1980s. The list goes on and on up to today.

It may seem a little pretentious to associate with these classics, or maybe not. In the midst of the current recession we’ve launched a new marketing agency, RP3. Incubated for five years within one of the Mid-Atlantic's most successful, most award-winning advertising agencies, RP3 has emerged as a new generation of companies that fills the void between the tarnished traditional ad agency model and the nascent digital agency experiment.

Lead by President Beth Johnson, Creative Director Jim Lansbury, and Strategic Planner Scott Gold, we will build on the philosophy of great creative work with a new vision for what “creative” really works in this tough marketing environment. The necessity to change is driven by marketer’s dissatisfaction - my agency is too slow, too costly, too deeply invested in the past. RP3 takes what is effective from that shattered past and combines it with innovative insights into today’s empowered consumer. We will push the newest engagement and results techniques fueled by a passion for powerful creative ideas. The bottom line - we short-circuit the tangle processes of the past to make scarce marketing dollars work better and faster.

The catalyst for all this came from achieving surprising results in unexpected ways despite a tanking economy. Our CPG client reports increases up to 20% compared to non-campaign markets. Our beverage client opened up new distribution in one of the most competitive categories. Our real estate developer increased unit sales while the market declined as much as 40%.

You can see surprising results in the making at and

Please let me know what you think about our new hybrid agency and what it will take to once again make marketing the engine that drives our new economy. Stop on by. Drinks on me.