Consumers Aren't Standing Still. Are you?

Image removed.It’s tougher to hit a moving target than one that’s standing still. There is no better analogy for this than football. Maybe that is why the best Quarterbacks get paid the big bucks to anticipate their receiver’s location down the field moments before they arrive to make the catch. In advertising, we’ve got essentially the same challenge.

Consumers are not standing still. Long ago in a galaxy far away, our targets would gather in front of the tube, sit attentively and wait for our message. Today, they aren’t waiting, rather multi-tasking online, on the phone, with friends, researching, discussing, and comparing thoughts before proceeding to the check out. Their world is a harried blur of motion from wake-up to wind-down, seven days a week, all while under fire from more than 3,000+ advertising messages a day.

To be successful, we have to be keenly aware of the confluence of media choices and changing consumption behavior to know which channels can effectively deliver, both at the line of scrimmage and down the field. For example, knowing that 78% of people text or go online while watching sports on TV, social media became an important layer to complement traditional TV, radio and outdoor for our media client MASN. The key is to have a unified brand strategy framework that guides all consumer interaction regardless of channel.

Unfortunately, recent surveys show large agency brands are lagging behind the new realities of consumer behavior and the ways we research brands and products, and engage with companies. Conversely, the new breed of digital agencies often leans too far ahead of mass consumer behavior, technology adoption, and market conditions. For them, the only worthwhile target is an iPhone toting, app-deving, facebook tweeting, latte-sipping urban dweller.  The hype far exceeds the reality of what they are focused on. It is true that social media tools are growing in popularity but not at the exclusion of other tactics. The lure of cheap or free tactics can be appealing in these tough economic times however, there is a better way to manage the best of both worlds. There is a better approach to harnessing the tools that work and dismissing those that don’t. It is important today but even more so tomorrow as IBM’s Global Survey suggests, “The next 5 years will hold more change for the advertising industry than the previous 50 did”.

It is for this reason that we taken a hybrid approach at RP3 Agency. We sit at the intersection of traditional practices and new presumptions. We know what has worked in the past and why because of the great successes we’ve been a part of.  We apply this experience as sound guidance on what new unproven yet deftly hyped approaches can offer. Most importantly, we keep the business objectives front and center so that everything we do, whether traditional or new, play the right role in moving the customer down the field and into the end zone. The analogies can go on forever but the concepts are spot on.

If all you want is great email open rates or facebook friends, we are probably not a good solution. If you want more customers engaging in more meaningful and profitable ways and are interested in only the most effective means to win fans, we would love to talk. RP3 - we generate powerful ideas that fully engage consumers and make every marketing dollar work better and faster. Now, go long…